Recent Grading Projects

When grading occurs in landscape architectural construction then you are determining how to create a level base or with a specific slope with land. In many ways it is the most important step in landscape design. Grading to create a slight slope encourages correct drainage and can enhances property values. RA Coleman Inc, understands when and how much of a slope is needed which results in a very professional look. Grading often involves moving topsoil, sand, clay and sometimes gravel in very specific ways to maximize run-off of water while minimizing land disurbance for plants, flowers, or hardscapes such as ponds, sidwalks, and edging. We also understand that minimal soil disturbance also minimizes soil and sediment run-off into local streams and rivers. RA Coleman Inc, uses many different techniques and tools to accomplish what we feel to be perfect balance between protection of property and land. Whether you are looking for architectural lines or curved patterns we invite you to give us a call to see how we can solve your grading concerns.